A small craft brewery located in the center of La Spezia

Craft beer Birra artigianale

The story began in a totally different part of Europe. With Late Night Brewery in Stockholm, Sweden. A side project that we ran for some years until we desided to move everything to La Spezia, Italy. A place that was, and still are, close to our hearts. Both the people and the wonderful area. With a new bigger equipment we did the first batch of beer in December 2016.

We have the passion in the whole process of doing outstanding beer. Starting from the recepies and prototyping, brewing and finaly bring it out to our clients to get the response. Offering craft beer to people that enjoy the taste of beer that are made from high quality products such as malt, hops, yeast and the other ingredients we use.

You will find our beer in several places in town and also in other areas around La Spezia. For example Cinque Terre, the five small picturesque villages just a short trip away with boat or train.

Indipendente Artigianale - Unionbirrai
Indipendente Artigianale una garanzia Unionbirrai

Artigiani in Liguria

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